4 exercises you can do during your commute to develop your ski fitness

Traveling to and from work can unfortunately take up a considerable part of our daily lives. However this time does not have to be wasted and with these four simple exercises, this time can be used to develop fitness and balance for your ski holiday.

Don’t worry, these exercises are quite subtle so you won’t make a fool of yourself… unless you really want to!

Waiting at the train station or bus stop

1. Skier’s O frame

When you are standing waiting for a train or bus, use this time to get the feeling and sensation of carving your skis by doing the skier’s O frame exercise. Stand with your legs slightly bent, your knees and feet about shoulder width apart, feet parallel and facing forwards. Now roll your feet from edge to edge keeping a constant distance between your knees and keeping your weight evenly distributed between the toes and the heels. As you do this visualise the skis on your feet and feel the edge to edge carving motion. You can increase the difficulty of the exercise by increasing the knee bend to simulate a skiing squat, however people may start to look at you strangely if you do this!

You can also do the skiers O frame exercise in the privacy of your own home as part of the SkiFit Phase 1 workout.


Single leg balance

2. Single leg balance

You can develop ski specific strength, endurance and balance anytime you are waiting, with the single leg balance exercise. Stand on one slightly bent leg lifting your other foot a little off the ground. Ensure you have good vertical alignment of your shoulder, knee, ankle and foot for the weighted leg, and are not twisting your shoulders or hips. Your knee should be inline with your second toe and should not drop in to the inside. Also try to ensure your weight is evenly distributed between the heel and toes of your weighted foot. To increase the difficulty of the exercise lift your work bag and pass it around your body, circling the weight of the bag both clockwise and anti-clockwise to increase the effort and balance required.

You can also do the single leg balance exercise in the privacy of your own home as part of the SkiFit Phase 1 workout.

On the train or bus

3. Active standing

Standing on a moving train or bus will challenge your balance and core if you actively try to balance against the movement rather than by relaxing and/or holding on to a support. Adopt a dynamic stance with slightly bent legs and feet apart. Play with the movement being aware of using your legs and core to react and maintain your balance. To increase the difficultly try a single leg balance, but do make sure you can quickly and easily grab hold of a rail if you need to!

SkiFit on the tube?

SkiFit on the tube
4. Active sitting

Even when you are sitting on a moving train or bus you can turn this into an exercise for your core by sitting up straight and not learning against the chair back or armrests. Focus on maintaining an active upright sitting posture using your core to react against the movements of the train or bus.

With these simple 4 exercises you now have an opportunity to connect with your body and prepare for your ski holiday even when on your commute, so there are no excuses. Plus if you see someone else standing on one leg on the train next week, now you know what they are doing!

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Tony Lowe