5 Alternative Christmas Gifts for a Snowboarder

Firstly don’t buy anything that a skier might like. Unless the person you’re buying for is both a skier and snowboarder (small percentage) then keep presents specific to the sport or you’ll end up with an unhappy friend.


Down trousers

After a hard day’s riding, what better way to relax and warm up than in these ‘down trousers’ from Patagonia made with recycling down. At the time of writing I couldn’t find the women’s version, which is probably good because I’d live in them every day if I had a pair! – available from Patagonia (£130.00)


‘Boot Bananas’

Are you looking forward to your next ski holiday, but perhaps apprehensive of staying in the same accommodation as someone with stinky feet? Then buy them the gift of ‘Boot Bananas’ they’re fragrant and moisture-absorbing shoe deodorisers for any “fruity” footwear, could be a life saver for ski boots! – available from Boot Bananas (£13.00)


The Mug

Everyone needs a ‘favourite mug’, check out this tea/coffee/hot chocolate mug perfect for the snowboarder whom daydreams of riding when they should be working! – available from Amazon (£7.99)



The Scratch Map

For the snowboarder who dreams of riding the World! Buy the ‘scratch map’ and have them knock off the locations they visit. On the reverse of the map there is space to record your favourite stories and make notes of your favourite people and activities along the way. – available from Snow & Rock (£14.00)


Shoelace belt

Snowboarders are notoriously cool and trend setting, these ‘shoelace waist belt’ are cool, comfortable and a spare lace in case one of your bootlaces snap during the day. available from Noah’s Ark (£10.77)


We hope these ideas might have inspired and helped you as you tackle your Christmas shopping lists, and if you’ve left your shopping to the very last minute, remember you can always buy them a copy of our SkiFit programme, gift cards are available and it’s not only just for skiers, it’s great for snowboarders too!

Happy holidays!

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