App and Away! Have you packed your Passport, Money, SkiFit workout gear?

This week our local ‘SkiFitters’ are in Week 4 of their SkiFit programme at La Clinique Du Sport.  We begin our programme eight weeks before the scheduled opening of the ski lifts which makes perfect sense – however ‘Toussaint’ is a two week French school holiday in which many families fly off to enjoy a late summer holiday before winter sets in and we pull out our many layers and change to snow tyres. The kids have just gone back to school and the ‘SkiFitters’ that went away have returned, excited to tell us how they’ve been continuing the programme whilst they’ve been away. From Chamonix to the UK, USA, Croatia, Greece, and even South America, everyone has loved the ability to take ‘SkiFit’ with them wherever they go. Some even admit talking to Neil on the screen as he guides them through the hour long sessions!!!

getting fit for skiing with skifit exercises in sicily

SkiFit team member, Rachael, practicing her aeroplanes somewhere high above the Sicilian coast.

getting fit for skiing with ski fit exercises

Mountain guide, Andy Perkins, keeping his core strong with SkiFit in Kalymnos.

Where are you doing your SkiFit this Autumn, send us your pictures, the most exotic wins a prize!

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