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The more attractive half of the BeFitApps power couple, Jackie spends her hectic working life running the Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, promoting the BeFitApps programmes and keeping Neil's crazy schedule on track. Is if this wasn't enough she is now tackling her biggest physical challenge yet with her first ultra trail race.

Leaving your Ski Fitness to the last minute!

No matter whether you’re a hard core off piste powder hound, a piste plougher, or you’ve just signed up for the vin chaud and apero hour, we all know that we should get fit for skiing!  Maybe we’ll even manage a few of the exercises that we see in the magazines, a wall squat here and there or some single leg dips and hops, but is all lost if you don’t get around to it until 2 weeks before? We asked Neil Maclean-Martin, the sports Continue reading →

Tips for a kid-happy Ski Holiday

We all enjoy the moment it’s time to get the suitcase out of the cupboard and start packing for our highly anticipated holiday. However, for families heading off for a ski holiday, the packing process is essential for ensuring that there aren’t any tears during the holiday (and it’s not the kids tears I’m talking about!) Pre-kids our skiing holidays were very different, most involved epic days on the hill followed by après-ski and a good soak in the bath. With kids our days are Continue reading →

How to download and play our SkiFit programme

Website, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet There are no more excuses! no matter how you connect there is a simple way to download and play our SkiFit programme 1. Website access – a low annual subscription payment of just £9.99 gives you access to not only our SkiFit programme but all the BeFitApps programmes (SkiFit, BikeFit, RunFit, TriFit) on any internet connected device via the BeFitApps website. 2. iPhone and iPad – visit the App store or iTunes to buy and download our SkiFit app to your apple device. Continue reading →

Why get SkiFit now?

I appreciate that August has just ended and we’ve just returned from our lovely Summer holidays, however for us skiers it’s now time to start asking some serious questions … How many days is it until we go skiing? How much snow will there be this year? Where are my ski socks? When do the lifts open? A ‘Onesie’ or two piece ski suit? For many skiers and snowboarders it’s a long wait, however it’s also the perfect time to begin getting your legs ‘SkiFit’ and Continue reading →

Obligatory Equipment Lists, Top Tip #1 Adhesive bandage

The town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is welcoming ultra-runners from around the World, registered in one of the most demanding ultra-trail running events you can find – the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc)  events include: UTMB (Chamonix-Courmayeur-Chamonix) 171km, 10,000 mt+ TDS (Courmayeur-Chamonix) 119km, 7,200 mt+ CCC (Courmayeur-Champez-Chamonix) 101km, 6,100 mt+ OCC (Orsieres-Chamonix) 56km, 3,500 mt+ PTL (Chamonix-Chamonix) 2901km, 26,500 mt+ Like the majority of endurance races, runners have to carry an obligatory list of equipment  and for some it could be the first time they’ve carried or Continue reading →

Lazy Core and Bad Posture?

We have all heard about the importance of ‘good posture’ and maintaining a ‘strong core’! It’s similar to the weekly allowance of alcohol in units, we know it’s important but many choose to ignore the guidelines. Perhaps you have recently been treated by a physiotherapist who gave you exercises to strengthen your core, went along to a Pilates or Yoga class where the instructor mentioned again and again the importance of activating and maintaining a strong core which will lead to good posture, well quit Continue reading →

5 Alternative Christmas Gifts for a Snowboarder

Firstly don’t buy anything that a skier might like. Unless the person you’re buying for is both a skier and snowboarder (small percentage) then keep presents specific to the sport or you’ll end up with an unhappy friend. Down trousers After a hard day’s riding, what better way to relax and warm up than in these ‘down trousers’ from Patagonia made with recycling down. At the time of writing I couldn’t find the women’s version, which is probably good because I’d live in them every day Continue reading →

5 Alternative Gift Ideas for the Skier this Christmas

If you’re a skier already then you’ll probably own most of the gear and kit needed for a great ski holiday. However, every year as Christmas approaches we ask ourselves “what do you buy the Skier in your family for Christmas?” Here are a few ‘off-piste’ ideas for you to consider …. Cuff links Who wouldn’t want to be reminded that you’re going skiing soon, or indeed the fun times enjoyed during your last snowsports holiday. These cuff links are a great stocking filler – Continue reading →

5 ways Duct Tape can save your ski adventure!

Following on from our recent blog ‘How Duct Tape Saved My Adventure‘ in which our adventure cameraman Keith Partridge, explains how he helped patch up a crashed aeroplane with a trusty roll of duct tape, we came up with some other ways in which duct tape can save the day during your time on the mountain. 1. Saving your modesty   “Oh dear!” Not sure that even duct tape will make this look any better, however it would seal the hole and allow the skier to Continue reading →

SkiFit classes return to Chamonix

For those of you who don’t already know, our SkiFit online programme and mobile app started out as a way of me helping many of my local patients in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Running a busy sports injury clinic where I was regularly treating snowsport instructors, mountain guides and elite snowsport athletes, I quickly realised that many of the injuries I saw in the early weeks of the winter season could have been prevented. That’s why I developed an eight week fitness programme that placed emphasis on screening Continue reading →