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The more attractive half of the BeFitApps power couple, Jackie spends her hectic working life running the Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, promoting the BeFitApps programmes and keeping Neil's crazy schedule on track. Is if this wasn't enough she is now tackling her biggest physical challenge yet with her first ultra trail race.

How Duct Tape saved my adventure

When he’s working in Chamonix filming our fitness programmes, Keith Partridge, the World renowned cameraman is travelling the World making adventure films and getting into a few difficult situations! However, for anyone that knows Keith, he never travels without a large roll of duct-tape in the bottom of his bag. Many a time during filming we’ve heard him say “I’ll get the duct-tape” so it doesn’t surprise us that in a remote part of Venezuela, when things went very wrong, by having one specific essential item Continue reading →

My ‘Charity Miles’ challenge

  The saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ well why can’t charity begin whenever we walk the dog, run, bike or swim, etc? I came across this interesting App called ‘Charity Miles’ which rewards you for each mile travelled. The App allows you to earn sponsorship on behalf of certain charities whilst walking, running, biking and participating in other activities, using your iPhone, Android phone. Major organisations become partners, for example ‘Johnson & Johnson’ and it’s those partners that donate the actual funds.  After downloading the App, and Continue reading →

Our Top five tips for an effective warm up at the start of a day’s skiing

You’ve arrived, read the snow reports and settled into your accommodation, perhaps already been to the equipment hire shop and now you’re ready to hit the Snow! However are you muscles ready? Winter sports use your muscles very differently compared to sports during the rest of the year. So send a message to your body and activate the muscles you’re going to be using, straining and feeling throughout your holiday. Try to reduce those sore legs in between days and prevent some of the most common injuries caused on Continue reading →

Our top 10 gifts for a ‘Le Tour de France’ super fan

As avid supporters of Le Tour de France we’ve all been very lucky to experience first hand stage starts, time trials, climbs and stage finishes. We love it, the atmosphere, meeting fellow supporters, awaiting the arrival of La Caravane du Tour to catch some free samples to then waiting a few further hours to hear the sound of media helicopters as they follow the leader overhead. We’ve seen some great merchandise over the years, so we’ve put together a list of our top 10 gifts for a Le Tour de France super fan! Continue reading →

Can I vote myself off ‘Someday Island’ before my next challenge?

This is my imaginary island, my ‘excuse island’ for when I’m suffering from ‘excuse-itus’. Brian Tracy, author and presenter in personal and business development suggested many people get stuck on ‘Someday Isle’ which limits success in achieving our goals, unless we vote ourselves off the island and basically get on with it. Life is busy, a tricky balance between family, friends, work, home, admin, holidays, health and hobbies, so when do we find the time to exercise?  I could be an Olympian if there was Continue reading →

Will you be signing up for a Gym Membership in 2016?

As funny man Jimmy Fallon said on ‘The Tonight Show’ this week* – “I know a lot of people are a little sore today after going to the gym for the first time since last January” probably true for a lot of people! …… actually I’ve sold gym memberships!!! At the end of the 1990’s I finished University and moved to Glasgow in Scotland. Whilst deciding on which career path I would follow I took a position in a sales team, selling gym memberships for a large Continue reading →

Surviving The Snow With Young Children

I’m very lucky to live in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc with  two small children now aged 3 and 6 years old. We enjoy some amazing weather and of course the scenery isn’t bad either! Having children here is a wonderful experience because they spend a lot of time outside being active, changing sports in time with the seasons changing. They  were both born here and therefore I’m now quite experienced in the art of surviving the snow with small children in tow. Because even when the snow hits, we have Continue reading →

How To Find The Real Snow Forecast

As our home town of Chamonix welcomed it’s first snow last weekend, locals and tourists are tracking weather fronts and pretending to be ‘Snowologist’s’, regurgitating the weather forecast at least three times every hour to anyone who’ll listen. This is what is predicted for us in Chamonix tomorrow. To me (a non-Snowologist) the above means “tomorrow will be a miserable day, remember to wear a waterproof jacket and sensible shoes, and if I haven’t already I should panic about changing the tyres on the car from Continue reading →

More Filming And Apps From BeFitApps HQ

We’ve been in the ‘App Cave’ filming again and we’ll soon be able to share some very exciting new programmes. BikeFit, RunFit, CoreFit and a whole suite of 8 minute apps.  As an existing BeFitApps member you’ll receive access to these programmes absolutely free! The first challenge was in fact to find a week that fitted into our team’s busy schedule, but we did and here’s an insight into what happens during a typical filming week with the BeFitApps team. Our extreme adventure cameraman, the awesome Keith Continue reading →

10 Top Tips For Your First Ultra Marathon

I have written a very long and quite garbled account of my recent ultra-marathon which might bore you to tears. So I thought I could summarise all the things I learnt during my race, a cheat sheet for you so that you can have the confidence to run one for yourself. Whether you succeed or fail to finish your first event, the journey on how you arrive at the start line is what it’s all about. You can – Always believe you can do it! Continue reading →