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The more attractive half of the BeFitApps power couple, Jackie spends her hectic working life running the Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, promoting the BeFitApps programmes and keeping Neil's crazy schedule on track. Is if this wasn't enough she is now tackling her biggest physical challenge yet with her first ultra trail race.

Be Safe and Lightweight with a Mini Mobile Phone

On entering this magical world of Ultra running you learn that weight is important and imperative when you think of the number of the strides you’ll be covering in an event. These days everything is ultralight and now it’s turned to your mobile phone as well. In most trail races participants must carry a fully charged mobile phone with your emergency numbers pre programmed. However our mobile phones come in all shapes and sizes and weights. I had heard about a mini size mobile phone Continue reading →

My First Ultra Marathon – A Beginner’s Guide To the UTMB

Ten days ago I ran across the finish line of the OCC, an ultra marathon that makes up part of the infamous Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). The race had started in Orsiers, Switzerland and finished 53 kilometers later in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France. Along the way I had to navigate 3,300m of elevation gain and crucially stay ahead of the time barriers and cut-off points. It was my very first ultra and I made it home in 14 hours. Running 53km was a serious step up for me, the furthest I had run Continue reading →

Top 5 Tips To Consider When Buying Your First Trail Running Pack

There’s just over two weeks to go until the OCC and over the past few weeks I’ve been upping the altitude and kilometres and it has been causing a few niggles. My knees have been giving me some problems so I booked in with Neil for a physio consultation (yes, even his wife has to book herself into his diary to be seen!). I obviously went in for my knee diagnosis but Neil had other ideas: “When did you sprain your right foot?” “What?” And then I remembered that a few years ago I Continue reading →

Trail Running Gear Shopping Part 1 – Sports Watch and Heart Rate Monitor

So I’ve finally gone and done it ………………. I am the proud owner of a heart rate monitor and watch and I love them! For many years I have pushed off the time consuming, research-loaded, slightly geeky world of buying gear. My issue with sports watches and heart rate monitors was basically down to the perceived time involved in acquiring all the data. Why on earth would you want to spend 4 hours training then get home and have to spend yet another 4 hours analysing Continue reading →

Trail Running – A Journey Begins

In just a few months time I will be standing on the start line of the OCC (Orsiéres – Champex – Chamonix), a 53km trail running race that makes up part of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) week in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France. Not only is 53km a really long way in anyone’s book, the race also involves a few extra ‘speed bumps’ along the way – in particular a positive height gain of 3,300 meters. Eek. My running background is not exactly that of an elite athlete – I did Continue reading →

Respect for this ‘Stay Strong Mommy’

So I’m probably the most unfit member of our BeFitApps team, for the moment at least! I’m a ‘Mum-Entrepreneur’ trying to do it all but essentially putting everyone first before themselves and failing to look after myself. They aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to, should do and aspire to. However sometimes you see something and someone that makes you think ‘Come on!’ time to adjust the balance and get your act together Mommy!. Although I’m a firm advocate of following Continue reading →

Swim prehab for the shoulder – ‘Scapular retraction’

Do you suffer from a shoulder injury? Watch this video in which Neil talks you through an exercise called ‘scapular retraction’. Using our model, Fiona Ford of Triathlon Europe, Neil’s shows you how to promote good shoulder blade position, improving technique and preventing injury. A common injury in swimmers is in the shoulder (rotator cuff) due to continuous rotation and usage. As opposed to a single incident, injury to the rotator cuff in swimmers can be a result of repeated trauma and overuse. Our swim screening and Continue reading →

TriFit goes International

We appreciate all feedback and reviews of our programmes, and when someone allows us to use their opinion as a testimonial it means even more, especially when it’s a USAT Certified Coach in America, Courtney Culligan, TriBella Race Team “The TriFit app is a fantastic tool for any triathlete who is looking to increase their performance and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon by improving their overall strength and prevent injury. As an older age group athlete, teacher and the busy mother of three sons, I Continue reading →

The benefits of SkiFit for skiing and running!

Although we have just launched our second online programme TriFit, let’s not forget many of our users are still continuing their SkiFit programmes. One happy user was kind enough to send us this unprompted feedback. “I’ve been using the SkiFit program since the end of last year and it has helped me survive two ski trips this year, one of which was my first attempt to ski off piste – it was still very hard work but I’m sure the fitness and strength I’ve gained from the program Continue reading →

Introducing TriFit’s lead sponsor – Triathlon Europe

BeFitApps is privileged to partner with Triathlon Europe, a leading provider of high quality coaching and training opportunities for triathletes of all levels, to promote TriFit to the triathlon community. TriFit, is our new online training programme that harnesses our combined wealth of knowledge – “As a coach I know that understanding an individual’s athletic profile is essential to progress and successful performance. By knowing where strengths and weaknesses exist, training can be completely tailored to develop a strong swimmer, cyclist or runner enhanced by Continue reading →