BeFitApp website membership and apps


With the recent release of the TriFit app for iPhone and Android we have also launched a new business model that separates website membership fees and charges for app based access to our programmes. This was made necessary by changes to the terms and conditions related to publishing apps on the major mobile app stores.

These changes forced us to back to the drawing board and draw up a new business model that is even more attractive for our users:

  1. BeFitApps website membership is now a single low annual fee for access to all our programmes which we will continue to develop and add to. The BeFitApps website is designed to work well on modern phones and tablets so our website members can still use these devices to access all the programmes so long as they are connected to the Internet.
  2. The BeFitApps mobile apps will each relate to a single programme and will require a separate purchase which is one-off (no annual renewals). The apps will offer the convenience of an app and also the ability to download and view videos off-line.

We understand that this change may inconvenience some of our existing users but we can only apologize and we hope that the new package we have put together is even better than what we were offering before!

The BeFitApps Team