Cyclists, the wait is over – BikeFit is now available!

Get fit off the bike to perform better on the bike, with BikeFit guided video workouts developed specifically for cyclists!

Based on the success of the SkiFit and TriFit programmes we have now developed and launched BikeFit, a programme designed by our own clinical human performance expert Neil Maclean-Martin to increase performance while also developing robustness against injury, especially for all cyclists. This four phase, 8 week programme adopts a similar incremental model to SkiFit with each 50 minute workout building on the last and so offering an appropriate level of exercise for all abilities of athlete. An intense 8 minute BikeFit8 workout is also included for time crunched cyclists and for fitness maintenance throughout the year.

The exercises have been selected and developed specifically to take into account the demands of cycling to increase flexibility and functional core strength to enable the rider to adopt a more aerodynamic riding position for longer periods and also to utilise a more efficient pedalling technique without fatigue induced energy leaks. Other exercises and stretches target the parts of the body that can suffer from prolonged hours in the saddle particularly the neck, shoulders, lower back and knees. Through increasing range of motion and developing targeted strength and endurance based on a deep clinical understanding of the common sources of injury, the BikeFit programme aims to keep you out on your bike training and performing better than ever before.

Not convinced that off-the-bike training is relevant for you? Just ask current world champion Peter Sagan if his 2015 season could have been better and what he is doing to make sure 2016 includes more victories… (Sagan starts his winter training with specialist core workouts in Belgium).

The BikeFit programmes are available on the BeFitApps website and within the Apple Appstore and Google Play. You can try the programme for free and purchase full access for £9.99

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Tony Lowe