Bridging The Gap

From Injury To Your Optimal Performance 

It is not uncommon when recovering from an injury or surgery, to have a loss of confidence in your ability, after your physiotherapist tells you that you are ready to return to sport, especially when that sport was the main culprit.

There is a difference between being able to run, and being able to run 90km in one go. There is a difference between being able to go skiing, and being able to manage a 5 hour ski tour followed by a 2500m descent. Bridging the gap between having the strength and the ability to perform your sports well, to having the strength and the endurance to perform them at the highest level you once did and with the confidence you once did, not having the fear to huck that small cliff you once did without a second thought: this is a challenge that can often be underestimated and overlooked. Strength and conditioning is not always utilised by athletes as often as it should be. Reduce your anxiety, improve your confidence, and limit your reliance on taping and supports. Ask your physiotherapist to write you a strict program, or track down a strength and conditioning coach who can work closely with your physiotherapist to design you a 6 week plan, or use one of our sport specific strength and conditioning programs on our website.  Here is a great testimonial from one of our Be Fit Apps users and a frequent flyer at La Clinique Du Sport, Julie Slaughter.


‘In February 2019 I had an ACL reconstruction following a ski accident, physio went well for the first 6-9 months post-op, but I needed something to get me up to speed to make the most of winter 2019/20 which was fast approaching. It was perfect timing, in October 2019 I discovered Ski-Fit and committed to a 7 week Ski-Fit programme. It was exactly what I needed, the perfect combination of individual leg strengthening exercises aimed specifically at knee, ankle and hip stability plus loads of core work, and cardio. Did it work? Yes! The proof was in the powder, I felt confident skiing from day 1, legs felt stable (woo hoo) and got some good skiing over the winter … before shut down .In short, I personally highly recommend the Ski-Fit programme, for anyone recovering from an injury who wishes to ski again, or ANYONE who skis it’s a great programme to maintain strength anytime.’
Julie Slaughter, Director of Wipeout Piste Maps.
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