Learning with the Geeks – snow pits on an avalanche level 2 course

Learning to dig and interpret snow pits with the experts on the Avalanche Geeks level 2 course reveals the benefits and limitations of this technique. Following the great avalanche level 1 course we attended in 2014 with the Avalanche Geeks (AKA Bruce Goodlad and Mike Austin) we followed up this year with a level 2 course. This course over 3 days revisited the same topics of snow, terrain and the human element, but went deeper into more geekery including some very graphic and thought provoking Continue reading →

Surviving The Snow With Young Children

I’m very lucky to live in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc with  two small children now aged 3 and 6 years old. We enjoy some amazing weather and of course the scenery isn’t bad either! Having children here is a wonderful experience because they spend a lot of time outside being active, changing sports in time with the seasons changing. They  were both born here and therefore I’m now quite experienced in the art of surviving the snow with small children in tow. Because even when the snow hits, we have Continue reading →

Skiing With Drones On The Slopes

Shout it from the bin, from the chair-lifts and tows, “This years must have fashion accessory is here to capture your every turn in ultra dynamic high definition. Helmet cams and selfie-sticks are just so last year. Now it’s the turn of the drone.” Our technologically accelerated world has showed us all manner of marvels. The GPS driven ski speed & distance app for the mobile phone has been with us for a number of years promoting the hard and fast. The helmet with on-board Continue reading →

How Do I Stop My Quads From Burning When I Ski?

By building your butt muscles, otherwise know as your Glutes! It was core, now glutes are the new black.  Aside from holding up your jeans and attracting shouts of “cute butt”, glutes really are amazing in what they do for us. This is the cool bit, glutes are what allow us to do so many things as humans that other animals cannot do.   Standing,  they have evolved so quickly compared to many other body parts. The pelvis took a huge leap from our chimpanzee cousins to allow us Continue reading →

How To Find The Real Snow Forecast

As our home town of Chamonix welcomed it’s first snow last weekend, locals and tourists are tracking weather fronts and pretending to be ‘Snowologist’s’, regurgitating the weather forecast at least three times every hour to anyone who’ll listen. This is what is predicted for us in Chamonix tomorrow. To me (a non-Snowologist) the above means “tomorrow will be a miserable day, remember to wear a waterproof jacket and sensible shoes, and if I haven’t already I should panic about changing the tyres on the car from Continue reading →

Sumos to Musketeers, My Favourite SkiFit Exercise

Tony reflects on starting the SkiFit programme, the fantastic autumn weather and his favourite exercise from the programme… Its that time of year again and we have now started SkiFit-ing in earnest ready for the 2015-16 skiing season. Being very busy with work (I’m sure we all feel that way…) we have so far only managed two full Phase 1 workouts and we our ski fitness is quite a long way behind where it was this time last year. I also blame the amazing weather Continue reading →

Join in With SkiFit LIVE on Periscope!

Taking advantage of new technology, the SkiFit team will be hosting a live SkiFit session on live broadcasting app Periscope this November. Skiers and snowboarders who are serious about getting fit for their snowsports holiday can tune in on Tuesday 17 November at 19.00 GMT (20.00 CEST) and enjoy the 30 minute SkiFit LIVE class with Neil Maclean-Martin from the Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, France. Skiers in California, Colorado or Canada can even join in on their lunch-breaks! Neil has been running hugely successful SkiFit Continue reading →

How SkiFit Helped Me Fall In Love With Skiing Again

Last winter Tony had a revelation, after 2 months of ski specific exercises his old damaged unhappy knee that hated skiing now loves it!  After years of uncertainty now skis without fear or reservation! Over to Tony…  I have had a difficult relationship with skiing since the beginning. I was late to start the sport and when I did I was already suffering with a knee injury picked up in a climbing accident. This meant that my left leg was weak and vulnerable, and I was always Continue reading →

It’s Time To Get Fit For Skiing! Here’s Why?

We all know that we should get fit for skiing, maybe we’ll even manage a few of the exercises that we see in the magazines, a wall squat here and there or some single leg dips and hops.  Have you ever thought about why?  Why do we need to be fit for skiing? Well we’re here to give you our clinical reasons why. Skiing will be easier. When you’re fit and strong it all just becomes a little bit easier.  With a strong core supporting your spine Continue reading →