SkiFit classes return to Chamonix

For those of you who don’t already know, our SkiFit online programme and mobile app started out as a way of me helping many of my local patients in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Running a busy sports injury clinic where I was regularly treating snowsport instructors, mountain guides and elite snowsport athletes, I quickly realised that many of the injuries I saw in the early weeks of the winter season could have been prevented. That’s why I developed an eight week fitness programme that placed emphasis on screening Continue reading →

My ‘Charity Miles’ challenge

  The saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ well why can’t charity begin whenever we walk the dog, run, bike or swim, etc? I came across this interesting App called ‘Charity Miles’ which rewards you for each mile travelled. The App allows you to earn sponsorship on behalf of certain charities whilst walking, running, biking and participating in other activities, using your iPhone, Android phone. Major organisations become partners, for example ‘Johnson & Johnson’ and it’s those partners that donate the actual funds.  After downloading the App, and Continue reading →

Will you be signing up for a Gym Membership in 2016?

As funny man Jimmy Fallon said on ‘The Tonight Show’ this week* – “I know a lot of people are a little sore today after going to the gym for the first time since last January” probably true for a lot of people! …… actually I’ve sold gym memberships!!! At the end of the 1990’s I finished University and moved to Glasgow in Scotland. Whilst deciding on which career path I would follow I took a position in a sales team, selling gym memberships for a large Continue reading →

Seven Top Tips For Staying Fit On A Long Distance Hike

Getting away from it all and into the great outdoors is one of the greatest ways to refresh the spirit from the hectic demands of modern life. Fresh air and amazing scenery, great exercise and the chance to disconnect are just some of the many reasons that increasing numbers of people are heading in the direction of adventure and finding their way onto hiking trails across the globe. Long distance hiking – or thru’hiking – in particular has been experiencing a massive surge in popularity in recent years Continue reading →

BeFitApp website membership and apps

With the recent release of the TriFit app for iPhone and Android we have also launched a new business model that separates website membership fees and charges for app based access to our programmes. This was made necessary by changes to the terms and conditions related to publishing apps on the major mobile app stores. These changes forced us to back to the drawing board and draw up a new business model that is even more attractive for our users: BeFitApps website membership is now Continue reading →

One Wild Day – Adventures in Alaska

‘We nearly got swallowed by a humpback whale!’ These words will be forever etched on my memory. We were paddling through the silky waters off the coast of Alaska in a sea kayak and an inflatable boat not much bigger than a lilo when suddenly herring began jumping clear of the water. They knew only too well whilst we were blissfully unaware. Moments later thirteen wide-mouthed humpback whales erupted vertically out of the water like ballistic missiles, scooping tonnes of water and as many fish that were unfortunate enough to Continue reading →

Just because the ski season is over doesn’t mean that your SkiFit training should end!

Two weeks ago we saw the final skiing at the Grand Montets ski area in our home town of Chamonix and while some of us will be heading to the high glacial alpine venues or even further a field in the Southern Hemisphere to continue to satisfy the need to ski this summer, most of us will be hanging up our boots and planks until next season.  But here’s the thing – contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that the SkiFit training should end!! The exercises in Continue reading →

TriFit is helping multi-sport athletes to get better pre-season strength and conditioning

We are super excited to announce our new TriFit training programme that is currently creating a buzz among the global multi-sport athlete community. Triathletes and other multi-sport athletes using the programme for their early season training have been pleased to be able to take the sessions from the programme that are important to them and add them to their existing training schedule for improved pre-season strength and conditioning.  Designed for triathletes, but also of interest to multi-sport athletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers, TriFit offers a series of high quality exercise sessions lasting 10 to 12 Continue reading →

Respect for this ‘Stay Strong Mommy’

So I’m probably the most unfit member of our BeFitApps team, for the moment at least! I’m a ‘Mum-Entrepreneur’ trying to do it all but essentially putting everyone first before themselves and failing to look after myself. They aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to, should do and aspire to. However sometimes you see something and someone that makes you think ‘Come on!’ time to adjust the balance and get your act together Mommy!. Although I’m a firm advocate of following Continue reading →

Swim prehab for the shoulder – ‘Scapular retraction’

Do you suffer from a shoulder injury? Watch this video in which Neil talks you through an exercise called ‘scapular retraction’. Using our model, Fiona Ford of Triathlon Europe, Neil’s shows you how to promote good shoulder blade position, improving technique and preventing injury. A common injury in swimmers is in the shoulder (rotator cuff) due to continuous rotation and usage. As opposed to a single incident, injury to the rotator cuff in swimmers can be a result of repeated trauma and overuse. Our swim screening and Continue reading →