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The saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ well why can’t charity begin whenever we walk the dog, run, bike or swim, etc?

I came across this interesting App called ‘Charity Miles’ which rewards you for each mile travelled. The App allows you to earn sponsorship on behalf of certain charities whilst walking, running, biking and participating in other activities, using your iPhone, Android phone. Major organisations become partners, for example ‘Johnson & Johnson’ and it’s those partners that donate the actual funds.  After downloading the App, and when you’re about to start your activity you simply select your desired Charity, select whether you are walking, running or biking, then press the “START”. The App use your GPS to measure the miles and you start earning money for your chosen Charity which can change for every session. Please note you choose a Charity pre-vetted by Charity Miles, but can apply for a new Charity to be added to the list. The App was developed in America so you earn in dollars, approximately 0.25 cents for every mile covered, however many of the Charities are International.

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In order to review this App for myself, I’ve downloaded the App already and contacted the company to find out whether I’ll have any issues using it in the UK and France, in addition will I always earn in dollars into the US? Once I receive confirmation I’ll give it a try and for the entire month of August, use it for every fitness session to see how much I can raise. I’ll also research feedback from other users and find out where my miles go to.

Not everyone can afford to give financially to Charity or perhaps give to multiple Charities, but perhaps in this way more people can feel like their giving to Charity and for many, we’ll be going the distance anyway!

If you like to join me in reviewing this App by using it for the month of August, get in touch and we can start together. Just think if it works around the World, how many millions with could raise if everyone playing PokemonGo would sign up too?

As ever, always seek medical advice before starting any fitness programme and sign up to our free trail memberships of RunFit, TriFit, BikeFit and SkiFit

Let’s Go!

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