How to download and play our SkiFit programme

Website, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet

There are no more excuses! no matter how you connect there is a simple way to download and play our SkiFit programme

1. Website access – a low annual subscription payment of just £9.99 gives you access to not only our SkiFit programme but all the BeFitApps programmes (SkiFit, BikeFit, RunFit, TriFit) on any internet connected device via the BeFitApps website.

2. iPhone and iPad – visit the App store or iTunes to buy and download our SkiFit app to your apple device. The trial version is FREE!







3. Android and Tablet – visit the Google play store. Perfect for following the programme on a bigger screen and the trial version is FREE!







You also have the option to download the SkiFit programme to your device and watch it offline (without an internet connection) therefore you can take it with you wherever you go, be it overseas on a beach holiday, to a hotel on a business trip, to your local gym, to your in-laws or even to a research base in the Antarctic (as one of our users did!).

So there are no excuses start getting prepared for your best winter season yet.

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