How Duct Tape saved my adventure

When he’s working in Chamonix filming our fitness programmes, Keith Partridge, the World renowned cameraman is travelling the World making adventure films and getting into a few difficult situations! However, for anyone that knows Keith, he never travels without a large roll of duct-tape in the bottom of his bag. Many a time during filming we’ve heard him say “I’ll get the duct-tape” so it doesn’t surprise us that in a remote part of Venezuela, when things went very wrong, by having one specific essential item the day is saved. This short film was produced by the superbly creative team at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada.

Keith was filming in Venezuela for the BBC programme series ‘Lost Land of The Jaguar’ but has since been back for the ‘Extreme Mountain Challenge’ with Steve Backshall and is about to go back for a third stint in this amazing country.

If you’d like to read more about Keith’s adventures from around the World, check out his new book ‘The Adventure Game: A Cameraman’s Tales from Films at the Edge’ or check out his awesome filming work in any of our online programmes or mobile apps.

Jackie Maclean-Martin
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