Why get SkiFit now?

I appreciate that August has just ended and we’ve just returned from our lovely Summer holidays, however for us skiers it’s now time to start asking some serious questions …

How many days is it until we go skiing?
How much snow will there be this year?
Where are my ski socks?
When do the lifts open?
A ‘Onesie’ or two piece ski suit?

For many skiers and snowboarders it’s a long wait, however it’s also the perfect time to begin getting your legs ‘SkiFit’ and here are just a few reasons why …

  • When you’re fit and strong it all just becomes a little bit easier.  Having a strong core supports your spine and your arms, that in turn creates a solid platform for your legs to work from making it all seem a little bit easier. (sounds good doesn’t it!)
  • You’ll have better technique. Muscles that have been practicing ski specific exercises are more responsive to requests from the brain, thus you’ll become more responsive and agile, in turn improving your technique and how you look to your friends and family. (Have you been taking lessons?)
  • You’ll be able to spend more time on the slopes. Muscles that are conditioned to repeatedly perform ski specific movements for minutes at a time will transfer this fitness over to the piste or mountain, therefore allowing you more time on the mountain. (adding additional value to the price your lift-pass)
  • You’re less likely to get injured. A high percentage of skiing and snowboarding injuries are due to fatigue and that curse of the ‘last run of the day!’ Don’t let injury ruin your holiday or season, it’s time to get ready!

Our SkiFit programme was developed to improve technique, increase performance and reduce the chances of injury, we recommend an eight week programme of 2-3 hour long sessions per week. You can schedule to start the programme eight weeks before you go away on holiday or you leave for a full winter season. If you’re lucky enough to have a multiple trips planned then just continue the programme. It’s easy to follow, every exercise is explained and it’s been written by a leading sports physiotherapist with injury prevention at its core!

Read our Testimonials to see what ski instructors, mountain guides and fellow skiers have to say about the programme. Then sign up and begin getting your legs SkiFit today!

Available online via our website, or download the app via iTunes or Google Play




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