More Filming And Apps From BeFitApps HQ

We’ve been in the ‘App Cave’ filming again and we’ll soon be able to share some very exciting new programmes. BikeFit, RunFit, CoreFit and a whole suite of 8 minute apps.  As an existing BeFitApps member you’ll receive access to these programmes absolutely free!

The first challenge was in fact to find a week that fitted into our team’s busy schedule, but we did and here’s an insight into what happens during a typical filming week with the BeFitApps team.

Our extreme adventure cameraman, the awesome Keith Partridge, arrives with a car load of camera equipment, sometimes flying in straight from a dangerous and remote job in a remote part of the World. Normally seen dangling from a treacherous cliff trying to catch the perfect shot, working with the BBC or promoting his new book, this week might be his most dangerous assignment to date! Because he’s staying with us and our two young boys of 2 and 5. Ever the inquisitive, we have to keep these boys out of Keith’s very technical and VERY EXPENSIVE camera equipment.

IMG_3966 BeFitApps team filming apps in Chamonix

After a quick turnaround Keith’s in ‘App mode’ and ready to start filming Neil deliver his programmes. The team has staged the room, Keith has signed off on the lighting and sound, and we’ve had another coffee, Neil is ready to begin. However our star is a little wobbly! Neil is still recovering from the TDS, a trail race which is finished, part of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) a small distance of only 119km, with 7,350 D+. His body is still recovering and a little unbalanced during his first take and looking a little tired, however he pulls it together and we’re off! Neil doesn’t have a script, he noted down the main exercises and off he goes, Keith pre-empts the shot and we film section by section.

In between takes we take the opportunity to discuss the merits of Drone footage, the best coffee machine to buy, how to avoid dog bite whilst out cycling (Tony was bitten a few weeks ago!) and listening to a few of Keith’s recent adventures. Rachael, also a physiotherapist, and Neil are often found in a corner discussing new research and treatment techniques.

As filming ends the footage is transferred to Tony, whose magic touch, edits the footage and turns code (lines and lines of gobbledegook to the rest of us) into our online programmes and mobile apps. We have a great team dynamic, everyone mucks in wherever needed and there are plenty of laughs throughout the week.

Tony Lowe the BeFitApps app developer Keith Partridge in the app cave

So the results of our week – GET READY our 8 minute apps are coming!!! We’ve turned SkiFit and the rest of our sport specific programmes into 8 minute ‘blast-attacks’ designed to complement the full programme.  We’ve used the best exercises from each to give you a great workout in a shorter period of time, perfect for busy people! And that’s not all, we’ve filmed BikeFit for all you cyclists out there and also an updated version of RunFit. Remember as a BeFitApps member you get access to all our programmes online on the website as part of your membership. In addition you can download the apps to your mobile device for a small one off cost which will allow you to download the videos to your phone or tablet and access the workouts anywhere at anytime.

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