Why hire a mountain guide for skiing this winter?

A mountain guide can help you experience this!There is nothing quite like getting away from the lift queues and exploring the snow clad mountains on a pair of skis. However many recreational skiers will not even consider hiring a mountain guide to safely explore the backcountry and mountain environments this winter. This is despite the many amazing experiences and journeys that are often easily and safely accessible from the lift system of their skiing resort.

Why is this? Often I think this is because they are not sure if their fitness levels and skiing abilities are sufficient and they don’t know what equipment is required and how to use it. To try to answer some of these questions I chatted with Rob Jarvis from High Mountain Guides who highlighted these guided ski experiences are more accessible to “normal” skiers than we might think and that with a bit of preparatory fitness, a few days on the slopes and suitable skiing lessons, we could be ready to follow a guide on an suitably adventurous journey into the mountains.

High Mountain Guides

Tony Lowe