Ski instructor report: first off-piste easy after SkiFit!


Alison Culshaw from Off-piste performance has been a keen user and advocate of the SkiFit programme, following the programme herself in the build up to the season and even giving away subscriptions to her clients. Now Alison and her students are reaping the rewards as this recent report from an introductory off-piste skiing course shows.

So if you are thinking about trying more demanding skiing this season, particularly venturing into the off-piste, you would really benefit from getting fit in advance. The SkiFit programme is a cheap and easy way to do this with a targeted easy to follow programme that builds up over time.

Also you should look into the courses available such as those offered by Alison at Off-piste performance as this fitness needs to be combined with good technique to make the most of your adventures!


Tony Lowe