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Triathlon Europe

BeFitApps is privileged to partner with Triathlon Europe, a leading provider of high quality coaching and training opportunities for triathletes of all levels, to promote TriFit to the triathlon community. TriFit, is our new online training programme that harnesses our combined wealth of knowledge – “As a coach I know that understanding an individual’s athletic profile is essential to progress and successful performance. By knowing where strengths and weaknesses exist, training can be completely tailored to develop a strong swimmer, cyclist or runner enhanced by specific strength and conditioning.” explains Fiona.

Fiona Ford is the founder and head coach of Triathlon Europe, a qualified British Triathlon Level 3 coach, double European and World Champion amateur triathlete at ITU distance. Fiona also raced Pro at Ironman distance consistently achieving top ten finishes. The company was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing quality coaching for any triathlete, they offer a bespoke approach to triathlon training, where depth of experience and qualified expertise combine to ensure you are training with purpose and reaching your individual potential,  “I am very excited at just how much TriFit is going to enhance and complement the coaching work that I do with individual athletes” said Fiona.

Triathlon Europe has been hosting training camps in Chamonix for a number of years and that’s where she met Neil and the BeFitApps team. It was during one of these training camps that she was introduced to Neil and his skills as a musculoskeletal sports injuries specialist, Fiona said of Neil “I also appreciate the value of holistic training having worked closely with Neil when he helped my rehabilitation back to multi-sport competition following a very serious bike accident in 2012. That programme of exercise with a specific focus on swim, bike and run and developed from such a depth of knowledge of human physiology and function in demanding sports such as triathlon was both a huge motivator and also the source of confidence during a time of great uncertainty about my future in sport.”

BeFitApps are thrilled to work with Triathlon Europe to bring you TriFit, click here sign up now

For more information about Triathlon Europe visit their website or to join them on one of their training weeks in Chamonix check out the Blackrock website, their base camp in Chamonix.

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