Fours days of nearly continuous snow across the alps have finally blown away those lingering early season blues. If you had planned or already have booked a ski holiday for half term I think you can now be assured of a great trip with fabulous snow, so get psyched and get ready with the SkiFit programme.

In the meantime for those already out here in the alps all this snow has brought a few small problems such as tricky road conditions, felled trees, repeated power cuts and even a power line down in our home village. With their usual efficiency the local services are taking all this in their stride and things are quickly returning to normal. Do bear in mind though that the avalanche risk in the back country will take rather longer to settle down. The thin snow pack of the early season has developed persistent weak layers on most if not all aspects. So be patient and stay off steep slopes when venturing off-piste or touring, and remember that does still leave plenty of great snow to enjoy for the weeks ahead.

Rachael Lowe