A guide to skiing in Japan from Bruce Goodlad

Japan holds a special place in the heart of skiers who will immediately think of those stunning sequences in the ski movies where the riders float effortlessly through clouds of overhead powder. While we probably all have a skiing trip to Japan on our must do list, not many of us have been and I for one don’t really know what such a trip would be like or how I should go about organising it to make sure it really is the ski trip of Continue reading →


Fours days of nearly continuous snow across the alps have finally blown away those lingering early season blues. If you had planned or already have booked a ski holiday for half term I think you can now be assured of a great trip with fabulous snow, so get psyched and get ready with the SkiFit programme. In the meantime for those already out here in the alps all this snow has brought a few small problems such as tricky road conditions, felled trees, repeated power Continue reading →

An introduction to skiing in the Chamonix valley

Chamonix is famous in the skiing world for its very steep accessible terrain and provides the backdrop to many Redbull style extreme ski movies. However Chamonix is also a destination that can be enjoyed by recreational skiers and families, when you know where to go and what to do. This week we managed to catch up with Shona Tate from Bass Chamonix who in this short chat gave us the benefit of her experience of skiing and ski instructing in the valley for over a Continue reading →

Which piste to take? “You have torn your ACL or you haven’t?”

Image from PaperCards.com Have you caught yourself asking the same question? Have I just torn my ACL? Following an ACL injury, for some people it takes months, if not years to regain the confidence and strength to perform in sport at the same level as pre-injury. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important stabilising ligament of the knee that is frequently injured, there are between 100,000 and 200,000 ACL ruptures per year in the United States alone. We treated over 40 ACL injuries in Continue reading →

Need more confidence to help you commit on your skis?

We’ve been getting some great reports from our SkiFitters out there on the slopes.  A few days ago we reported how skifitters have been finding their first time off -piste experience physically easy and now we’re hearing some great reports back from the mountain guiding community.  Kathy Cosley of Cosely & Houston Alpine Guides has noticed that the increased endurance that SkiFit gives has improved her performance and helped her commit to those steep lines: I’ve been meaning to tell you that the jury is in, and Continue reading →

The Clank: a new core exercise devised by Neil Maclean-Martin

Neil Maclean-Martin in his relentless search to develop exercise programmes to improve performance and prevent injury has developed a set of new core exercises which he calls “the Clank”. Use the Clank to take your core workout to the next level! Firstly what is the Clank? If you have done any of the SkiFit workouts you will now be very familiar with the side plank which is the exercise that works your obliques in the core routines. Well a Clank is basically a half side Continue reading →

The one minute ski fitness workout

Short intense workouts are the must do fitness craze for those of us trapped in today’s high pace, stressed out, all work no play, lifestyles. So here is a perfect short intense workout for getting you ready for your ski holiday this year. You can slip this into any part of your day… waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting to get in the bathroom in the morning, while the ready meal is in the microwave, while stood in the checkout queue at the supermarket Continue reading →

Ski instructor report: first off-piste easy after SkiFit!

Alison Culshaw from Off-piste performance has been a keen user and advocate of the SkiFit programme, following the programme herself in the build up to the season and even giving away subscriptions to her clients. Now Alison and her students are reaping the rewards as this recent report from an introductory off-piste skiing course shows. So if you are thinking about trying more demanding skiing this season, particularly venturing into the off-piste, you would really benefit from getting fit in advance. The SkiFit programme is Continue reading →

SkiFit for all sports

I’m a Chamonix local so I’m expected to enjoy our mountain sports every winter season, I have the wonderful opportunity to Ski, Snowboard, Ski du fond, Snowshoe with spectacular scenery and the famous Mont Blanc mountain always in the background. Over the past few years my time on the mountain has reduced as having two small boys and a successful clinic to run can put the dampers on getting out so often into the mountains. I am trying to address this balance and 2015 will Continue reading →

Your five point plan for a SkiFit resolution!

We suspect there are many sore heads and tired stiff bodies waking up this morning across the world. Eventually thoughts will be moving beyond having a strong coffee and a greasy breakfast, to the rest of 2015 and our goals for the shiny new year. If you are like us, then these goals will include starting on a path to build a new leaner, stronger and fitter body. So we feel great about ourselves and we also get to enjoy and perform our sports at levels higher Continue reading →