The ultimate exercise for skiing?

Through the development of the SkiFit programme we have put together a set of over 100 exercises that when combined together develop all round strength and fitness for all snow sports. However I know that we are all very busy people and finding time for 1 hour workouts is difficult and sometimes impossible. This realisation set me thinking… what if we could only do one exercise in our skiing preparation and we had to slip this exercise into our daily activities, which one should it Continue reading →

Give the gift of SkiFit this Christmas!

Christmas is a busy time of year and last minute Christmas shopping can be one of the biggest stresses.  If you still have gifts to buy for your family, friends, co-workers, fellow ski holidayers, what about a SkiFit Christmas gift card! Once the festivities are over it’ll be time to start thinking about getting ready for our annual snow fix and booked skiing holidays.  The gift of SkiFit will be just the thing to do, the online programme to build the perfect ski body for the New Continue reading →

Tips to get the most from your ski holiday

We all know the feeling. We have waited all year, saved up, booked and finally we arrive in resort on our annual ski holiday. Now how do we make sure we don’t go mad on the first day potentially injuring ourselves or end up suffering from fatigue and sore legs for the rest of the holiday. Also how do we make sure that by the end of the holiday we are skiing better and having more fun than ever before? Here at BeFitApps we are Continue reading →

Learning from the geeks… an avalanche level 1 course

I’m sure there are many like me out there. Reasonably competent skiers who want to escape the crowds in resort and yearn to explore the amazing winter mountain environment and push our skiing envelope with wild and challenging terrain. However we are held back by our all too real fear of the serious dangers lurking out there in off-piste terrain, in particular avalanches. We may have read a few books, perhaps watched some videos and possibly even been guided in the mountains, but we still don’t Continue reading →

Take the stairs – staying fit when travelling

In addition to working at the clinic in Chamonix, Neil is a travelling physiotherapist with the Great British Judo team. Following his misadventures in Korea (read about his discovery of a new maximum heart rate test), he is now in Tokyo with the Olympic hopefuls approaching the end of their two week Asian Tour. As many of us will have experienced, frequent travelling and staying in hotels takes its toll on our bodies and state of mind, with the jet lag, limited opportunities for exercise, buffet breakfasts Continue reading →

Neil discovers new maximum heart rate test in Korea

Knowing your maximum possible heart rate is essential for all serious athletic training programmes and yet it is something which is difficult and painful to measure as it involves pushing your body and heart to the absolute limit. Prior to this new discovery, Neil had previously recorded a maximum heart rate of 190 beat per minute (BPM) under stringent laboratory testing carried out at the Clinique du Sport. Little did he know he hadn’t truly explored his limits until he embarked on a relaxing run Continue reading →

Three exercises to improve your carving

Unlike in our previous posts on exercises for commuting and brushing your teeth, we recommend that you should do these three exercises in the more conventional surroundings of your living room or even at the gym! Keep at it and you will really develop new strength and endurance that will translate directly into power through those beautiful carving turns. When I see those flowing arcs on the piste this winter I’ll know you have been doing your homework!

4 exercises you can do during your commute to develop your ski fitness

Traveling to and from work can unfortunately take up a considerable part of our daily lives. However this time does not have to be wasted and with these four simple exercises, this time can be used to develop fitness and balance for your ski holiday. Don’t worry, these exercises are quite subtle so you won’t make a fool of yourself… unless you really want to! Waiting at the train station or bus stop On the train or bus With these simple 4 exercises you now have an opportunity to connect with your Continue reading →

App and Away! Have you packed your Passport, Money, SkiFit workout gear?

This week our local ‘SkiFitters’ are in Week 4 of their SkiFit programme at La Clinique Du Sport.  We begin our programme eight weeks before the scheduled opening of the ski lifts which makes perfect sense – however ‘Toussaint’ is a two week French school holiday in which many families fly off to enjoy a late summer holiday before winter sets in and we pull out our many layers and change to snow tyres. The kids have just gone back to school and the ‘SkiFitters’ that Continue reading →