Need more confidence to help you commit on your skis?

kathy cosley mountain guide skifitWe’ve been getting some great reports from our SkiFitters out there on the slopes.  A few days ago we reported how skifitters have been finding their first time off -piste experience physically easy and now we’re hearing some great reports back from the mountain guiding community.  Kathy Cosley of Cosely & Houston Alpine Guides has noticed that the increased endurance that SkiFit gives has improved her performance and helped her commit to those steep lines:

I’ve been meaning to tell you that the jury is in, and I’ve definitely noticed a benefit from the SkiFit I did, as the ski season has set in. I definitely have more endurance, which gives me confidence, which helps me commit, which makes me more precise. I still won’t be keeping up with Liz and Miles Smart, but compared to last year (and every other early season), I’m winning the competition with my past self, hands down! Thank you again for the app.

Kathy, you are most welcome! Our aim for next year is to have you keeping up with the Smarts!!

In addition to getting physically prepared for your skiing with SkiFit it’s always worth thinking about utilising the skills and experience of a mountain guide to help you get the most out of your adventures. Check out this early trip down the Valley Blanche in Chamonix with SkiFit friends and local Chamonix guides Kathy and Mark:

Rachael Lowe