Neil discovers new maximum heart rate test in Korea

Heart rate in KoreaKnowing your maximum possible heart rate is essential for all serious athletic training programmes and yet it is something which is difficult and painful to measure as it involves pushing your body and heart to the absolute limit. Prior to this new discovery, Neil had previously recorded a maximum heart rate of 190 beat per minute (BPM) under stringent laboratory testing carried out at the Clinique du Sport. Little did he know he hadn’t truly explored his limits until he embarked on a relaxing run while away with the British Judo Team in Korea. Thanks to his discovery this simple new test can now be easily used to discover this important training value without the need for an exercise laboratory, expensive equipment, scientists etc.

New Protocol for Testing Maximum Heart Rate

Equipment needed:

  1. Heart Rate Monitor
  2. Two Dogs


Part 1. Go for a relaxing run in Korea (anywhere will do), find a quiet isolated road. Lose yourself in the moment and feeling of well-being.

Part 2. Spy in the distance two rabid dogs with ears pinned back coming for you like you are dinner

Part 3. Turn and make like Usain Bolt without pausing to dance to the Proclaimers for the crowd and hit a max speed of 29.8kph and max HR of 192

Part 4 when sure you are out of the danger zone slow down, breath and change your shorts.

Test completed

Tony Lowe