The one minute ski fitness workout

Short intense workouts are the must do fitness craze for those of us trapped in today’s high pace, stressed out, all work no play, lifestyles. So here is a perfect short intense workout for getting you ready for your ski holiday this year. You can slip this into any part of your day… waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting to get in the bathroom in the morning, while the ready meal is in the microwave, while stood in the checkout queue at the supermarket (ok that’s probably not the time or place, but you get the idea).

Obviously you can repeat the sequence with 10 second breaks, to create a longer more demanding workout… if you have the time!

Oh and by the way this video is part of SkiFit Phase 2 so if you did have a bit more time to devote to getting fit for your skiing then you should check this out….

Tony Lowe