Professional cyclists know the importance of core stability – do you?


It seems that professional cyclists are waking up to the benefits of core stability and strength for maximising cycling performance. In this video by the Global Cycling Network we see how the Tinkoff-Saxo team are integrating core strength sessions into their training programme.

So, do you want to add a cycling specific core strength session into your cycle training? You are in luck as that is what the team at BeFitApps have developed and it forms a key part of the cycling component of the TriFit programme. An example exercise from the TriFit bike core programme called the clank is shown below. This demanding exercise develops great strength in the glutes and core to support your lower back and provide a strong platform for your pedalling action when cycling. Create a free BeFitApps account to see more.

Boost your core strength – try TriFit for free

Tony Lowe