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So I’m probably the most unfit member of our BeFitApps team, for the moment at least! I’m a ‘Mum-Entrepreneur’ trying to do it all but essentially putting everyone first before themselves and failing to look after myself. They aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to, should do and aspire to. However sometimes you see something and someone that makes you think ‘Come on!’ time to adjust the balance and get your act together Mommy!. Although I’m a firm advocate of following our online programmes, for a working Mummy it’s hard to exercise when you’re watching the children and trying to tick off everything else I need to attend to each day in a busy household and clinic. But this ‘Mommy’ does it and I love her video clips where she includes her children in her exercise regime and literally as weights. It was important for us to develop programmes in which you use equipment that isn’t expensive and probably you have it in the home already. I love the fact that she makes the most of playing with her children and from the looks of things, the kids are really enjoying it too. From pushchairs to swings, swing sets to the children themselves, she’s been so creative and inspirational. Have you ever thought that you can’t exercise because you’re looking after your kids? well this proves that you can have it all

For me, I’m undergoing a major life re-balancing exercise, working out what’s most important to me, what I need and with the help of our programmes I’m transforming my core, muscle strength and running technique in preparation for my goal for later this year, a 53km trail race in the beautiful mountains of the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France. Knowing that you can use every opportunity, even a quick 15 minute blast, to push yourself will give you the confidence and self assurance to go for it. For anyone who thinks that they never have the time or equipment, watch and be inspired by this fantastic Athelte/Mommy and also check out our online programmes and mobile apps from this ‘Mommy-Entrepreneur’.

And whatever your passion, sport of otherwise, get outside and enjoy it!


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