Schools out, half term Skiing with children – Every second counts!

Every parent loves kitting out their children in their winter gear – ski jacket, salopettes, boots, helmet and gloves “Ready to go?” the parent asks and a little voice replies “No, need to go to the toilet”. It can be amazing fun skiing with children after the initial dressing ritual and logistics of actually getting the child to the start of the piste. The enjoyment of seeing your child ski off their first button or chair lift can be very emotional (I can testify that I was crying whilst trying to catch the perfect photo for his blog).  However many choose to arrange ski clubs and lessons for their children to enjoy whilst the parents take the opportunity for some adult time. The children’s clubs can be exciting and lots of fun for the children – for the parents its quite stressful “Right, how long have we got?”  So it’s worth getting yourself SkiFit so that you can make the most of every second that your child or children are making new friends and driving someone else crazy for a few hours.

skifit for the half term ski holiday

SkiFit is time management, ensuring that you can push hard and make every turn count. Quality over quantity, and if you only ever have a few hours free to ski then this is the programme for you. If you’ve missed out these holidays, fear not just download and get ready for the next ski holiday. Enjoy each and every run since it could be only be a few years before you yourself are being left behind by a fearless ‘ski bum’ in training, faster and having more energy you hear it throughout Chamonix “TURN, SLOW-DOWN!”

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