SkiFit App Update Released With Off-Line Video and iPad Compatibility

SkiFit app on the iPad

You asked for off-line access to the SkiFit workout videos and this is now available with the latest update to the SkiFit app! This facility will allow you take the SkiFit programme with you wherever you go, be it overseas on a beach holiday, to a hotel on a business trip, to your local gym, to your in-laws or even to a research base in the Antarctic (as one of our users did last year!). So there are no excuses and with the snow already on the mountains here in the alps you need to be getting prepared for your best winter season yet.

The second major improvement with this update is tablet compatibility so the app will work just as well on your iPad or Android tablet. Using a bigger screen will be ideal for observing Neil’s demonstrations of good form in the exercises as well as appreciating his muscle definition!

The final change to the SkiFit app removes the login screen and adds a one-off in-app payment for access to the full programme. This separates BeFitApps website membership from programme access via the apps which was necessitated by changes to the terms and conditions of the major app stores (more info). So now you have more options available to you:

1. Website access – a low annual subscription payment for access to all the BeFitApps programmes on any internet connected device on the BeFitApps website.


2. App access – individual programme access via an app with an off-line video viewing facility where full access is purchased for a single one-off App Store or in-app payment.

Get the SkiFit app today on your mobile device:

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Tony Lowe