SkiFit is in the Easyjet Traveller Magazine!

SkiFit in the Easyjet in flight magazine

You know you’ve made it when you open an inflight magazine and see your product! Mum will be pleased!

While we do know its actually too late to get fit for skiing once you are sat on the plane flying out to start your skiing holiday, however it’s still great to get this recognition! Hopefully those skiers who happen to flick to page 48 of Traveller Magazine while munching on an easyjet sandwich daydreaming about the mountains, the snow, the food etc that they will soon be enjoying, will also make a mental note to get physically prepared for their next ski trip. Perhaps even by using the SkiFit apps and programmes. In the meantime I will be even more excited to book my next flight with Easyjet.

Just in case you want to read the whole magazine you can view the online version – Easyjet Traveller Magazine January 2016.

Tony Lowe