SkiFit8, The 8 Minute Ski Fitness Workout For Busy Skiers


We’re very excited to announce the release of SkiFit8, an eight minute ski specific exercise programme that you can do anytime anywhere!

We all know we should get fit to get the most out of our annual skiing holiday, but we are all so busy rushing around with work, social events and chores etc that we just don’t find the time to do our workouts. Even here at BeFitApps we suffer from the same problem and with the next ski season now on the horizon we knew we needed to come up with a mini-workout that everyone (including us!) could find time for. So enter SkiFit8an eight minute ski specific exercise programme that takes on all the parts of body involved in skiing, the quads, glutes and core, and develops the key skiing attributes of increased strength, endurance, dynamic power and stability. All in a short and intense package that you can fit into a break in your working day. This workout can be used on its own daily, or tackled once or twice a week to complement the full SkiFit programme.

The SkiFit8 programme is now available to all BeFitApps website members on the SkiFit pages and the SkiFit8 app is available for download from the Apple Appstore and Google Play. The app costs less than £2 (exact price depends on your country and local taxes) and includes the facility to download and view the workout video offline, ideal for travellers or those wishing to take this programme to their gym.

Now there really are no excuses not to be tip top shape when we are stood at the top of that first piste on the first morning of this years skiing holiday!

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Tony Lowe