SkiFit has started!

skifit-classWinter is coming and here in Chamonix this is the week that the SkiFit classes start at the Clinique du Sport. This year is the fourth year of SkiFit and all four classes at the Clinique have sold out.

Rachael and I went to our first class on Tuesday morning joining 6 others all keen to get ready for the coming ski season. It seems that the website and app are already having an impact as several of us had already been completing workouts as home work and according to Neil he is already seeing an improvement in the class participants at this early stage of the programme.

We completed a one hour workout led by Neil and I can tell now that I have done some work on my legs, finding and using muscles that have been ignored despite an epic summer of cycling. Friday morning will be our second session and I’m psyched to get back at it.

Tony Lowe
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