Swim prehab for the shoulder – ‘Scapular retraction’

Do you suffer from a shoulder injury?

Watch this video in which Neil talks you through an exercise called ‘scapular retraction’. Using our model, Fiona Ford of Triathlon Europe, Neil’s shows you how to promote good shoulder blade position, improving technique and preventing injury.

A common injury in swimmers is in the shoulder (rotator cuff) due to continuous rotation and usage. As opposed to a single incident, injury to the rotator cuff in swimmers can be a result of repeated trauma and overuse. Our swim screening and prehabilitation section allows you to screen for imbalances, improve any poor technique and guides you through a proper warm-up and strength training exercise programme. Essential to improve performance and reduce the chances of injury.

Fiona is a certified SwimSmooth Coach and runs SwimSmooth squad training year round in London. The squad structure offers sessions to improve speed/ pacing based on CSS along with endurance and open water skills. If you’ve attended a video analysis session with Fiona or watched one of Swim Smooth’s award winning DVDs, you’ll already be familiar with many of the drills/ skills used during the sessions. For more information on Fiona’s SwimSmooth squad training visit her website



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