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What Do Pro Cyclists Do When They Can’t Ride?

If you’ve been watching this year’s Tour de France you have probably witnessed some of the horrific crashes which have been occurring with spectacular regularity. With only a flimsy piece of lycra for protection, crashes such as these can take a heavy toll on the riders’ bodies resulting in bloody lacerations, painful dislocations and quite often, broken bones . It does seem that professional riders are impervious to pain as many will battle on to finish the stage and even complete the whole Tour in spite of these debilitating Continue reading →

Professional cyclists know the importance of core stability – do you?

It seems that professional cyclists are waking up to the benefits of core stability and strength for maximising cycling performance. In this video by the Global Cycling Network we see how the Tinkoff-Saxo team are integrating core strength sessions into their training programme. So, do you want to add a cycling specific core strength session into your cycle training? You are in luck as that is what the team at BeFitApps have developed and it forms a key part of the cycling component of the Continue reading →

The Clank: a new core exercise devised by Neil Maclean-Martin

Neil Maclean-Martin in his relentless search to develop exercise programmes to improve performance and prevent injury has developed a set of new core exercises which he calls “the Clank”. Use the Clank to take your core workout to the next level! Firstly what is the Clank? If you have done any of the SkiFit workouts you will now be very familiar with the side plank which is the exercise that works your obliques in the core routines. Well a Clank is basically a half side Continue reading →