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Bike Training, Why it’s not all about the bike!

  It is the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and we are in lockdown, and depending on where you are, the majority of us are limited to the amount of sport and the type of sport we can do. Here in France we are currently limited to running as a form of exercise and can travel no further that 1km from our house while training. In the UK at the time of writing this, as I understand it, you are able to cycle and run Continue reading →

Behind The Scenes At The Volvo Ocean Race

THE ROLE OF HUMAN PERFORMANCE DIRECTOR BLOG POST FROM LISBON I’m in Lisbon and its 5.58am. I have been up since yesterday at 6.30am and myself and the team now have a very full day ahead as the boats we have been waiting for since the early hours are just coming into sight over the horizon.  I am working as Human Performance Director for DONGFENG RACE TEAM and it is not the first time on this edition of The Volvo Ocean Race that I have Continue reading →