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TriFit is helping multi-sport athletes to get better pre-season strength and conditioning

We are super excited to announce our new TriFit training programme that is currently creating a buzz among the global multi-sport athlete community. Triathletes and other multi-sport athletes using the programme for their early season training have been pleased to be able to take the sessions from the programme that are important to them and add them to their existing training schedule for improved pre-season strength and conditioning.  Designed for triathletes, but also of interest to multi-sport athletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers, TriFit offers a series of high quality exercise sessions lasting 10 to 12 Continue reading →

Swim prehab for the shoulder – ‘Scapular retraction’

Do you suffer from a shoulder injury? Watch this video in which Neil talks you through an exercise called ‘scapular retraction’. Using our model, Fiona Ford of Triathlon Europe, Neil’s shows you how to promote good shoulder blade position, improving technique and preventing injury. A common injury in swimmers is in the shoulder (rotator cuff) due to continuous rotation and usage. As opposed to a single incident, injury to the rotator cuff in swimmers can be a result of repeated trauma and overuse. Our swim screening and Continue reading →

Introducing TriFit’s lead sponsor – Triathlon Europe

BeFitApps is privileged to partner with Triathlon Europe, a leading provider of high quality coaching and training opportunities for triathletes of all levels, to promote TriFit to the triathlon community. TriFit, is our new online training programme that harnesses our combined wealth of knowledge – “As a coach I know that understanding an individual’s athletic profile is essential to progress and successful performance. By knowing where strengths and weaknesses exist, training can be completely tailored to develop a strong swimmer, cyclist or runner enhanced by Continue reading →

‘TriFit’ our NEW online training programme for Triathletes

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our second online training programme – ‘TriFit’. This is our new video-based app and online training system aimed at Triathletes who are serious about improving performance, technique and preventing injury. Last autumn we started filming in Chamonix with Keith Partridge, our international award winning adventure cameraman and Fiona Ford, Triathlon coach and founder of Triathlon Europe. Keith brought with him his new gyro camera (a new piece of equipment that ensures image and video stabilization) and we had great fun Continue reading →