The benefits of SkiFit for skiing and running!


Although we have just launched our second online programme TriFit, let’s not forget many of our users are still continuing their SkiFit programmes. One happy user was kind enough to send us this unprompted feedback.

“I’ve been using the SkiFit program since the end of last year and it has helped me survive two ski trips this year, one of which was my first attempt to ski off piste – it was still very hard work but I’m sure the fitness and strength I’ve gained from the program must have helped. I’m just getting ready for my final ski trip to try a bit of touring.  I’m also a runner and I’ve noticed that the program works a lot of muscles that straightforward running doesn’t, and I feel this has really benefited my running. I’ve only just progressed to phase 3 as although I was coping with the leg strength sections I’ve found the core sequence a real challenge and felt I needed to spend more time at each phase before moving up. I’m really excited to see that you are working on a RunFit program, as I’ve just signed up for my first Ultra run later this year.” Joanne Campbell

It’s great to hear that our training programmes are making a real difference, and we’ll look forward to hearing how our next programme RunFit will help Jo prepare for her Ultra challenge.

“Good luck Jo!” from all the BeFitApps team

and please remember we greatly appreciate all reviews and feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch….

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