Tips to get the most from your ski holiday

We all know the feeling. We have waited all year, saved up, booked and finally we arrive in resort on our annual ski holiday. Now how do we make sure we don’t go mad on the first day potentially injuring ourselves or end up suffering from fatigue and sore legs for the rest of the holiday. Also how do we make sure that by the end of the holiday we are skiing better and having more fun than ever before?

Here at BeFitApps we are lucky to be based near Chamonix where we have access to expert instructors such as Alison Culshaw of Off-Piste Performance. Recently I managed to track Alison down for a chat about how we can make sure we get the most out of our skiing holidays this winter. Watch the video below to learn Alison’s top tips and think about what you can do this year to have your best ski holiday yet!


Tony Lowe