TriFit goes International

Courtney C nationals

We appreciate all feedback and reviews of our programmes, and when someone allows us to use their opinion as a testimonial it means even more, especially when it’s a USAT Certified Coach in America, Courtney Culligan, TriBella Race Team

“The TriFit app is a fantastic tool for any triathlete who is looking to increase their performance and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon by improving their overall strength and prevent injury. As an older age group athlete, teacher and the busy mother of three sons, I am spread extremely thin on time. I understand that it is easy to neglect the functional strength work and the flexibility conditioning which is vital for a well rounded and successful triathlon training program. As a coach, I stress the importance of functional strength and conditioning as a key component to an athlete’s training. The TriFit program provides screening, instruction and exercises for your swim, bike and run training. It will help you discover and focus on your weaknesses in order to build strength in those areas and to prevent injuries through a series of well designed and comprehensive exercises. The key here is understanding the weaknesses before they lead to injuries. This allows for an individualized program which focuses on the increased flexibility, strength and conditioning an athlete needs to train at his/her maximum potential and remain injury free. I love the program because it is convenient and easy to use. I am able to have all of the information and instruction right at home on my computer. This makes the workouts time efficient and convenient for even the busiest of athletes. The benefits are enormous!”

Thanks Courtney, from the BeFitApps team

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