TriFit is helping multi-sport athletes to get better pre-season strength and conditioning

We are super excited to announce our new TriFit training programme that is currently creating a buzz among the global multi-sport athlete community. Triathletes and other multi-sport athletes using the programme for their early season training have been pleased to be able to take the sessions from the programme that are important to them and add them to their existing training schedule for improved pre-season strength and conditioning. 

get swim fit for triathlon

Designed for triathletes, but also of interest to multi-sport athletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers, TriFit offers a series of high quality exercise sessions lasting 10 to 12 minutes. The video-based programme is split into swim, bike and run and each section contains guided exercises addressing screening, prehabilitation, core work, drills, and stretching. It has been structured to allow triathletes to build it into their existing training schedules.

get bike fit for triathlon with trifit

Similar to SkiFit, TriFit is a video-based online training system and was developed by our in-house expert physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin, this time in collaboration with Triathlon Europe head coach and World Champion triathlete Fiona Ford.  Suitable for all levels this new fitness programme is aimed specifically at improving performance by screening for weaknesses and imbalances, helping improved technique and injury prevention.  The programme also includes bonus videos on strength training using steps, barefoot techniques and sandpits.

get run fit for triathlon with trifit

Neil wanted to create a programme which would enable triathletes to reach their full potential. TriFit is designed to be incorporated into individual day-to-day training programmes and to give athletes confidence in their movement. The results are better athletes who can move faster because they’ve improved their efficiency and crucially can train more consistently because they pick up fewer injuries.

As a professional athlete racing and and trying to hold down a full time job, Fiona quickly discovered the significant performance gains that regular strength, conditioning and functional training provide. Fiona believes that TriFit will enhance and complement the coaching work that she does with individual athletes as well as being a great tool for individuals to include in their own training programmes.

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Current BeFitApps members and those already signed up to SkiFit will have immediate full access to TriFit. If you are not yet a BeFitApps member, sign up here to get full TriFit access today

Rachael Lowe