Your five point plan for a SkiFit resolution!

We suspect there are many sore heads and tired stiff bodies waking up this morning across the world. Eventually thoughts will be moving beyond having a strong coffee and a greasy breakfast, to the rest of 2015 and our goals for the shiny new year. If you are like us, then these goals will include starting on a path to build a new leaner, stronger and fitter body. So we feel great about ourselves and we also get to enjoy and perform our sports at levels higher than ever before, without succumbing to injury.

The next exciting event in the skiing calendar for many of us will be the half term vacation in February which is now only 6 weeks away! This gives us a perfect period in which to get fit for our half term skiing holidays and also get on track on the resolution for building the new you.

So its time to commit to a SkiFit New Years Resolution!

Your five point plan for a SkiFit Resolution:

  1. Start today by committing to following the SkiFit programme until your ski holiday.
  2. Tell your friends about it so you can’t give up and encourage them to do the same.
  3. Sign up for a FREE trial account and do the Phase Lite workout TODAY.
  4. Make a slot in your schedule twice a week for about an hour to complete each workout.
  5. Get ready to ski and snowboard better than ever before!

To whet your appetite watch Neil lead the mini SkiFit workout below:

SkiFit – Mini-workout

Tony Lowe