Core strength and conditioning for competitive cyclists

For weekend warriors to professional cyclists

The BikeFit exercise programme has been developed specifically for the dedicated cyclist to build specific strength and endurance for improving cycling performance while at the same time reducing the risk of common cycling related injuries by addressing the physical issues that are caused by spending many hours in the saddle.
Cyclist training on a climb

Improve aerodynamics, increase pedalling efficiency and avoid common injuries

The BikeFit programme

  • A targeted 8 minute workout for the time crunched athlete
  • An incremental 4 phase programme of 50 minute workouts
  • Increase flexibility, develop functional core strength and robustness against injury
  • No specialist equipment required
The BikeFit app

Example video - the squat and side plank

  • Each exercise sequence demonstrated in easy to follow videos
  • Good form and correct movement patterns explained
  • Detailed guidance provided by an expert clinician
  • Exercise progressions included for all levels