In February 2019 I had an ACL reconstruction following a ski accident, physio went well for the first 6-9 months post-op, but I needed something to get me up to speed to make the most of winter 2019/20 which was fast approaching. It was perfect timing, in October 2019 I discovered SkiFit and committed to a 7 week SkiFit programme. It was exactly what I needed, the perfect combination of individual leg strengthening exercises aimed specifically at knee, ankle and hip stability plus loads of core work, and cardio. Did it work? Yes! The proof was in the powder, I felt confident skiing from day 1, legs felt stable (woo hoo) and got some good skiing over the winter … before shut down .In short, I personally highly recommend the SkiFit programme, for anyone recovering from an injury who wishes to ski again, or ANYONE who skis it’s a great programme to maintain strength anytime.

Julie Slaughter - WipeOutJulie Slaughter
Director of Wipeout Piste Maps

Thank you for the ski fit app which has radically improved my enjoyment of my time on snow this year. I am instinctively exercise class-phobic but Neil’s professionalism and patient delivery struck a chord with me. Working through Levels 1 & 2 gave this recreational skier her bounce and confidence back at a stage in life when natural spring and muscle memory are no longer cutting it.

I’m very grateful and now curious to see where Level 3 may take me!

Jennifer M
Recreational skier

Your BeFit apps are nothing short of brilliance!

eoin-phelanEoin Phelan
Sports Physiotherapist


I have been using SkiFit myself this Autumn and am very impressed with the accuracy of the muscle focus and biomechanics improvements that can be made. So often our instructors spend a considerable amount of lesson time making clients aware of accurate movements required for the ski strand they are working on. With SkiFit you are taken through steps to stabilise the hips and engage the core, developing strength and power in the right places for efficient Biomechanical posture and movement for skiing. By taking the time to work through SkiFit before your skiing time your lessons and development will be seamless and you will achieve your goals much quicker.

Shona TateShona Tate
BASI ISTD, BASI Alpine Trainer
Director, British Alpine Ski School

The proof that SkiFit worked for me was at the end of the season; I had gone the whole season without any knee pain, something which had not happened for 7 years. The programme was great fun and made you do all the things that you know you should be doing, and more, but never get round to… Just as I was getting the hang of the exercises and getting stronger a new element would be introduced to up the level so we were continually challenged as the season approached. The programme was fantastic and I highly recommend it to all my clients

alison-culshawAlison Culshaw
Ski Instructor
Off Piste Performance

I’ve been ski guiding for 13 years, and this year my personal skiing definitely stepped up a notch. New boots, new skis, 6 days of personal ski coaching but all based on a foundation of fitness, using SkiFit, a programme that really is “fit for purpose”. I’ve never trained specifically for the ski season in the past, relying on a bit of cycling, lots of autumn climbing, and a base level of guide-style fitness to see me through the first few weeks of the season.
So last autumn I signed on for the SkiFit programme with the goal of preparing me for the season and protecting myself from injury as much as possible. The start of the programme was a real wake up call, but as the weeks went by I could feel my core strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness ramping up. The end result has been a great ski season, and there was an added bonus that my climbing technique was markedly better as a result. I’ll definitely be doing the same next autumn.

andy-perkinsAndy Perkins
Mountain Guide
Andy Perkins Mountain Guide

The SkiFit programme is a true kick in the pants, in a good way! I would never have worked as hard otherwise, to get myself in shape for the coming ski season. The workouts are varied, challenging, usually fun, sometimes ludicrously strenuous or difficult (for me anyway), always targeted to strengthen the entire body in preparation for what hard skiing will demand of you. I was sore, beaten, battered, humbled, motivated, entertained, and definitely benefited from the training. When my ski season started, the difference was dramatic. I was in better shape on day 1, than I have ever been before. I could go on and on, but could never overstate the benefits of this program.
Bring a can-do attitude and a water bottle, take home more power, endurance and stability, both to achieve what you hope to, and to prevent injury.

kathy-cosleyKathy Cosley
Mountain Guide
Cosley & Houston Alpine Guides

This was my first time on the SkiFit programme. My objectives were to get fit for to improve my skiing and do more ski touring. The SkiFit programme provided me with both. I felt stronger and more confident on skis even in difficult conditions. This really increased my enjoyment on days out. I was unfit when I started the class and was concerned about the difficulty of the exercises. This was not an issue. The programme is structured in a way that allows people with various levels of fitness to use it, right from the start. The exercises gradually increase in difficulty and it was impressive how much more I was able to do by the end of it. It was very enjoyable and I would not hesitate to do it again. The time and efforts invested helped me with both downhill and cross-country skiing, not to mention any other activity! Thank you for helping me have a great ski season.

Lise TonelliLise Tonelli
Recreational skier

I ski nearly every day of the winter, and the last two seasons have been completely injury free. I’m positive it’s a result of having done the SkiFit programme in the lead up. Thighs, knees and back are all ready to go.
The best pre-season fitness I’ve done.

Simon HalliwellSimon Halliwell
Ski instructor

As a professional mountain and ski guide, Neil Maclean-Martin’s SkiFit program has helped me immensely! Working in the mountains for the last 15 years have taken its toll on my body; SkiFit helps me prepare each season and be in top form and injury free for the ski season. The program prepares me by building ski specific strength in my legs and core as well as developing my balance and equilibrium to take me to the next level in my skiing. It is also a lot of fun!

michael-silitchMichael Silitch
Mountain guide
High-Alpine Mountain Guides

The SkiFit programme has helped prepare my legs and core for the world cup ski mountaineering circuit. I have no doubt the the strength, agility and balance I gained in SkiFit helped me achieve my personal best and win 2 gold medals in the world cup in 2 consecutive years. The variety of exercises, combined with the progression is extremely well thought out to best prepare one for hitting the slopes. It is also adaptable for all abilities. If you want get your self in top shape before hitting the slopes, this is the way to go! Don’t miss out!

Nina SilitchNina Silitch
World Cup Athlete
USA Ski Mountaineering Team
Nina Silitch

I’ve been using the Skifit program since the end of last year and it has helped me survive two ski trips this year, one of which was my first attempt to ski off piste – it was still very hard work but I’m sure the fitness and strength I’ve gained from the program must have helped. I’m just getting ready for my final ski trip to try a bit of touring.
I’m also a runner and I’ve noticed that the program works a lot of muscles that straightforward running doesn’t, and I feel this has really benefited my running. I’ve only just progressed to phase 3 as although I was coping with the leg strength sections I’ve found the core sequence a real challenge and felt I needed to spend more time at each phase before moving up.
I’m really excited to see that you are working on a Runfit program, as I’ve just signed up for my first Ultra run later this year.

jo campbellJo Campbell
Recreational skier and ultra runner


I use the befit apps videos personally and with the athletes I coach, having guided videos allows you to see if you are doing the exercise correctly. Having on screen alternatives if the exercises is too hard or easy means that each video can be specific to the individual. The videos are integrated into the training plans I set on a weekly basis…

james-spraggJames Spragg
Professional cyclist and coach


Run Fit takes the uncertainty out of how to train smart, and has been instrumental in making me a better runner. It provides an easy to follow, progressive and varied set of exercises that require minimal equipment, perfect for fitting around a busy, mobile schedule. As a competitive runner and trail guide of many years, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of this type of programme that will not only keep you running but can be the catalyst to breaking through performance plateaus to become faster and stronger. You’re in safe hands with Neil’s extensive experience and wisdom, so look no further and get on with the exercises!

alister_bignellAlister Bignell
Trail runner and guide
Chamonix, France

Runfit is amazing! It had given me the tools to get my trail running season off to the right start, sensibly and injury free. The progression of exercises is excellent and isolates particular muscles that you would not do otherwise. My running alignment improved which transferred to my results! Neil has an fantastic way of working with his athletes. I would recommend RunFit to any runner, beginner or advanced. Thank you La Clinique du Sport for bringing RunFit to the world!

Nina SilitchNina Silitch
World Cup Athlete
USA Ski Mountaineering Team
Ultra runner
Nina Silitch


As an athlete racing in the Pro ranks with a full time day job, I quickly discovered the significant performance gains that regular strength, conditioning and functional training provided. This went beyond the benefits of being injury free and able to train consistency, maintaining improvement to increasing sustainable speed in endurance, multi sport and all day events. As a coach of triathletes, understanding an individual’s athletic profile is essential to progress and successful performance. By knowing where strengths and weaknesses exist, training can be completely tailored to develop a strong swimmer, cyclist or runner enhanced by specific strength and conditioning. Having experienced the benefits at both the performance and recovery extremes of multi sport, I am very excited at just how much TriFit is going to enhance and complement the coaching work that I do with individual athletes.

Fiona FordFiona Ford
Head Coach, Founder
Triathlon Europe Ltd

The TriFit app is a fantastic tool for any triathlete who is looking to increase their performance and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon by improving their overall strength and prevent injury. As an older age group athlete, teacher and the busy mother of three sons, I am spread extremely thin on time. I understand that it is easy to neglect the functional strength work and the flexibility conditioning which is vital for a well rounded and successful triathlon training program. As a coach, I stress the importance of functional strength and conditioning as a key component to an athlete’s training. The TriFit program provides screening, instruction and exercises for your swim, bike and run training. It will help you discover and focus on your weaknesses in order to build strength in those areas and to prevent injuries through a series of well designed and comprehensive exercises. The key here is understanding the weaknesses before they lead to injuries. This allows for an individualized program which focuses on the increased flexibility, strength and conditioning an athlete needs to train at his/her maximum potential and remain injury free. I love the program because it is convenient and easy to use. I am able to have all of the information and instruction right at home on my computer. This makes the workouts time efficient and convenient for even the busiest of athletes. The benefits are enormous!

Courtney CulliganCourtney Culligan
USAT Certified Coach
TriBella Race Team

Being a keen swimmer, and having reaped the rewards of using the SkiFit app, I was keen to see what TriFit had to offer. It’s incredibly comprehensive with screening, prehab, pool exercises, a challenging core workout and specific stretching exercises. From the screening I can really see what I need to work on to improve my swimming, and it gives me a specific focus when I am training. The demos are excellent and easy to follow. Thank you for helping to keep me injury free too!

Alison CulshawAlison Culshaw
Ultra swimmer
Off Piste Performance

Prior to using the TriFit app I thought I knew a lot of exercises suitable for triathletes and found it hard to find new challenging ones, now with TriFit I find myself pushing my strength to new lengths. Neil’s directions are clear to follow and encouraging. With the log sheets provided I look forward to measuring my improvements.

tamarra-mccombeTamara McCombe
Sprint distance Triathlete
Aiming to qualify for the Mexico ITU championship in 2016