Conditioning and drills for the running athlete

For fun runners to ultra distance athletes

The RunFit exercise programme has been developed based on Neil Maclean-Martin's extensive experience treating runners of all levels at the clinic in Chamonix. As Chamonix is host to some of the most demanding ultra-trail running events in the world, his experience includes competing in these events himself, and also treating the other athletes who push themselves to the absolute limits of human endurance in training and during these races.
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Improve biomechanics, develop core strength & avoid injuries

Feedback from RunFit participants

Runfit is amazing! It had given me the tools to get my trail running season off to the right start, sensibly and injury free. I would recommend RunFit to any runner, beginner or advanced.
Nina Silitch Nina Silitch World Cup ski mountaineering 2x gold medal winner and ultra runner
I initially found the SkiFit core exercises a real challenge but following this programme has definitely benefited my running. I'm now really excited to use the Runfit programme, as I've just signed up for my first Ultra run later this year!
Jo Campbell Jo Campbell Aspiring ultrarunner
As a competitive runner and trail guide of many years, I can't emphasise enough the importance of this type of programme that will not only keep you running but can be the catalyst to breaking through performance plateaus to become faster and stronger.
Alister Bignell Alister Bignell Trail runner and guide Chamonix, France

Suitable for all levels of runner, fun runners to ultra athletes

The RunFit programme

  • Screen for common weaknesses, inflexibility and imbalances
  • Develop core strength, excellent movement patterns and balance
  • Follow a 4 phase programme of running drill progressions
SkiFit on an ipad

Example videos - the clank & ankle complex level II

  • Each exercise sequence explained in easy to follow videos
  • Good form and correct movement patterns explained
  • Detailed guidance provided by an expert clinician