Improve your skiing performance. Protect yourself against injury.

SkiFit for everyone, any time & anywhere

  • Access the SkiFit programme workout videos on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Workouts require minimal specialist equipment
  • Suitable for all levels of skier (recreational to professional)
  • Designed to be done in the home or in the gym
  • 4 guided one hour workouts and made up from over 100 individual ski specific exercises
SkiFit on an iphone

Developed and tested in Chamonix by clinical specialists

Feedback from SkiFit participants

The programme was great fun and made you do all the things that you know you should be doing, and more... I highly recommend it to all my clients
alison-culshaw Alison Culshaw Ski Instructor Off Piste Performance
When my ski season started, the difference was dramatic. I was in better shape on day 1, than I have ever been before. I could never overstate the benefits of this program.
kathy-cosley Kathy Cosley Mountain Guide Cosley & Houston Alpine Guides
I felt stronger and more confident on skis even in difficult conditions. This really increased my enjoyment on days out... Thank you for helping me have a great ski season!
Lise Tonelli Lise Tonelli Recreational skier

Develop movement patterns, strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

The Full SkiFit programme

  • 8 weeks, 4 phases each building on the last
  • Follow Neil as he leads you through each 60 minute workout video
  • Each workout includes activation, core, circuits, balance and coordination exercises and a final stretch down
SkiFit on an ipad

8 minute SkiFit8 workout for busy skiers

  • 8 minutes of non-stop exercise targeted at snowsports
  • Includes elements of activation, power, core, balance and stretching
  • Ideal to fit into a busy schedule or as a break from the desk
  • Can be used in conjunction with the full SkiFit programme

Example exercise video - single leg dip

  • 64 separate exercise videos demonstrate over 100 different exercises
  • Correct alignment and movement explained
  • Clear instructions from an expert clinician
  • Exercise sequences and progressions included