The ultimate conditioning programme for Triathletes

TriFit for the ambitious multi-sport athlete

TriFit is an online video based training programme aimed at strength and conditioning, developing efficient movement patterns and avoiding injury to maximise your triathlon enjoyment and performance.
Developed in the famous adventure sport town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc by expert sports physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin in partnership with world champion triathlete and coach Fiona Ford, the TriFit programme is based on clinical evidence and extensive experience of working with all levels of triathlete from recreational enthusiast to Olympic competitors and world champions.


Programme specifics

For each triathlon discipline of swim bike and run the TriFit programme offers:

  • Two core workout sequences targeted at sport related positions and functional movements
  • Discipline specific drills to use in your training to improve strength, efficiency and movement patterns
  • A comprehensive stretching programme targeting inflexibilities commonly caused by each sport

In Partnership with Fiona Ford of Triathlon Europe

As an athlete racing in the Pro ranks with a full time day job, I quickly discovered the significant performance gains that regular strength, conditioning and functional training provided. This went beyond the benefits of being injury free and able to train consistency, maintaining improvement to increasing sustainable speed in endurance, multi sport and all day events. Having experienced the benefits at both the performance and recovery extremes of multi sport, I am very excited at just how much TriFit is going to enhance and complement the coaching work that I do with individual athletes.

Fiona FordFiona Ford
World Champion Triathlete
Head Coach, Founder
Triathlon Europe Ltd

We want you to explore the TriFit programme, using, adapting and incorporating the exercise routines into your own training plans. The result will be an increased confidence in your own movement. You will become a better athlete because you’re moving faster with greater efficiency and also picking up fewer injuries.

Neil Maclean-MartinNeil Maclean-Martin
Sports Physiotherapist, Human Performance Expert
La Clinique du Sport