3 Exercises for Lifelong Fitness

We are living in a time where non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes are on the rise.  In fact they are running out of control and we are at risk of lowering the average lifespan. One of the main contributing factors is that we have become less active.  We are busy, we sit at our desks all day, we often sacrifice our exercise fix for work, kids, chores, the pub etc.

It’s no surprise then that we are so inspired by the elderly generation completing awesome feats of athleticism.  Remember the 104 year old chap that set a new 100m record this year, this 96 year old yoga teacher and just recently a 92 year old became the oldest to run a marathon.   How do they do it?  These youthful elders are always very happy to share their secrets and the common thread is good nutrition (not over-eating) and keeping active with exercise everyday.  Simple and very wise advice!

Not dismissing the importance of getting outside to enjoy some fresh air, vitaminD from the sun and movement through your favourite sport, adding just a few strengthening exercises into your daily routine has many benefits.  There is a lot of talk out there that has been raising the profile of the Tabata style short sharp workouts otherwise known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Much of the recent press has come from the crossfit community with reference to the fat burning benefits of these types of workout.  Whilst the jury is still out as to which sporting scenarios these HIIT sessions are useful for, here at BeFitApps we all agree that if you are struggling to fit some exercise into your day the least you can do is a quick workout with our three favourite exercise sequences.

Clank Sequence

The clank sequence (this one from TriFit) is a great all round exercise for the core stabilising muscles of the hips and trunk.  This is all about building strength and endurance in your gluts, obliques and core to provide a solid base for your limbs to work from.

Plank Sequence

The Plank sequence (this one from SkiFit) breaks it down a bit to focus on the core muscles. Core muscle strength is essential to provide a stable base for your legs and arms to function from and endurance is important to give good form right through until the end of your session.

Sumo Sequence

The Sumo sequence (another from SkiFit) gives great strength and endurance to the gluts providing dynamic hip stability.  It is this dynamic hip stability the protects the knees in all sports!

No matter how little time you have, get moving whenever you can.

Rachael Lowe