Getting Fit For Skiing, It’s Not All About You!

We all know we should, but why? Let’s get under the skin of ski fitness with Neil Maclean-Martin, Sports Physio, author of SkiFit, Chamonix resident and skier, who feels ski fitness sometimes benefits others than just the skier…

Think of the ski instructors

get fit for skiing for your ski instructorYou may think they have the best job on the planet, however can you imagine working all day, every day with people who are never going to reach their potential because they simply do not have the strength and endurance to ski correctly. Sure the best skiers make skiing look effortless but that is built on years of refining techniques and movements that have been practiced over and over again, none of which can happen without the underlying fitness that is ski specific.

Think of the ski designers

get fit for skiing for your ski designerSkis and boots are designed to work in a certain way, if you don’t stand correctly on them, centred with good balance and movement control, guess what, they won’t ski well! Don’t blame the tools, a good skier can make any ski look top of the range.

Think of your friends and family

get fit for skiing for your friends and familyYour friends and family will have to spend time sitting through your home made GoPro movies, at least ski well and longer to give them something worth watching with some genuine oohs and aahs!

Think of your accountant

get fit for skiing for your accountantWhat would your accountant have to say if you asked them whether or not you got value for money from your ski holiday. The equation would be, does the number of turns (i.e. return on investment) = the money spent on ski equipment and the holiday + the time spent away. Let’s adjust two factors, be fitter to increase the number of turns and also by starting to get fitter earlier you are thinking more about your skiing, you effectively extend your holiday as your training adds to the experience and helps you arrive psyched for it.

Finally, think of mountain rescue and hospital staff

get fit for skiing for the rescue and medical teamsGetting serious, we know that many injuries happen on the last run of the day. Tired legs and loss of concentration are the culprits.   There are some factors that contribute to injuries that you can’t control on the mountain such as snow conditions, weather etc. But your own readiness to ski lies in your hands, or legs as the case may be.  Don’t end up putting it in the hands of the rescue and medical teams (your accountant won’t like that either!).

There are many valid reasons for getting SkiFit, you can choose your own. They all centre around being fit and strong enough to ski with good technique, for longer and with fewer injuries. Have a fun and safe ski season.
Neil Maclean-Martin