Our 5 Top Tips to Improve Mountain Biking Performance

Rolling through forest trails, struggling over high mountain passes, cruising down long flowing descents, getting off the road and away from it all…..these are just a few of the many things we love about mountain biking.

It’s great getting out there with friends but imagine if you could have an even better time out on the trail? What would it take to improve your performance as a mountain biker? How could you last longer and go further offroad?  If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then read on – these top tips are for you!

1. Get A Dropper Seat Post

Dropper seat posts are one of the most significant developments in the world of mountain biking in recent years.  It is the one upgrade that you must have on the bike you choose to ride as they are the most confidence boosting item that you could experience.  Drop your seat height at the simple push of a button to get your weight back for the downhills and then pop it back up again when you’re done.  No stopping, no time lost.  It seems that if you buy a new mountain bike today they come as standard, but if you don’t have one bite the bullet, they are expensive, but totally worth the spend.

dropper seat post to improve your mountain biking performance

2. Go Out With Someone Better Than You

Heading out for a day with someone who is more competent than you are on their bike is a sure way to force yourself to try harder.  If you are the person that is always ahead waiting for people then you are never going to have to push yourself. If you are the person always trying to catch up, then you will try harder to make that person in front waste less time waiting for you.  You will go faster, you will ride over things that you’re unsure of, and you will learn new skills. And when you’re enjoying that well earned post ride beer, we bet you’ll be feeling a great deal more confident.

mountain biking

3. Read These 9 Tips To Becoming A Better Mountain Biker

A lot of it is about skills that can be learned.  Acquiring that perfect flexed and relaxed stance to absorb all the lumps and bumps. Learning to shift your weight around appropriately for the ups and downs as well as the cambers and corners.  Tuning your mind to look ahead and thinking positive.  Outside magazine always write great articles with inspiring images and this one gives some great tips to tune your skills.

balance skills weight shifting mountain biking

4. Hone Your Core

When talking about improving performance on a mountain bike most people talk about balancing skills, weight shifting and a flexed standing stance that absorbs bumps. These are all very important but to be able to do these well you need a strong core.  If your core (the deep muscles around your back and belly) is strong then your arms and legs have a strong base to move from. Try this press up sequence for a basic place to start for improved performance in any sport.

5. Build Hip Strength

We rarely hear about exercises for mountain biking as very often the best thing you can do is just to get out there and do it! Having said that, if you do start some hip strengthening work then you’ll be able to spend more time in that flexed standing position and be able to deal with all that forwards, backwards and side to side weight shifting.  When it comes to hip strength, there’s only one exercise you need and it’s the Clank!

Rachael Lowe