Sitting down improves your skiing!

Last week the weather forecast in Chamonix was for snow, more snow and even more snow. We were expecting in total 6 meters up high and between 1 and 2 meters in the town and we were not disappointed. The whole of the region was issued a ‘Snow and Safety warning’ so snow conditions are significantly more demanding than usual. Many holiday makers are finding the conditions more challenging, snow has been falling throughout the day and building up on the pistes (only groomed once a day), and many are taking the opportunity to try a little off piste work. Our clients and locals who’ve followed the SkiFit programme have been thrilled with the results of the programme, improved strength, performance and endurance are the main topics mentioned in the feedback we’ve received, however some haven’t had the time to start yet. So I decided to ask the author of the programme, Neil Maclean-Martin, a question for anyone who hasn’t followed the whole programme – “Which would be the best last minute exercise to do before you hit the slopes?”

He replied “For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to follow the SkiFit programme, you can still help your legs endure the demands of a day’s skiing by attempting the ‘Wall Sit’ which is also known as ‘The Chair’.” He suggests trying this up to three times a day and continuing for as long as you can hold it on each leg. To advance the position try moving each leg in a cycling motion. You can watch a video clip here, where Neil will talk you through the exercise.

Don’t forget to checkout the full SkiFit programme for other examples of Neil talking you through the correct posture and movement behind many of the common strength exercises used for snowsports.

Rachael Lowe